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Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab

Question: Talk about the advantages and difficulties you have gotten from undertaking Environmental Management for Sustainable Development? Answer: The current task will close the various types of difficulties and focal points, which are reached by the diverse ecological administration framework to create and keep up a maintainable situation improvement process. The goal of the examination is to investigate all the noteworthy elements, which will close about the significance of manageability in any nation. In the time of globalization, the idea of the industrialization is normal (Boylan, 2014). The administration of various nation faces various types of difficulties and hindrances so as to keep up an appropriate natural supportability. Contamination is one of the significant dangers towards keeping up a solid and manageability condition (Menke and Menke, 2012). There are various types of components, which dirty the earth, and now and again it turns out to be a lot of hard to oversee and control contamination in the nation. The accompanying piece of the investigation will finish up about the different elements, which will accentu ate about the advantages and difficulties of the manageable advancement process in the nation (Montgomery, 2014). Keeping up an eco-accommodating condition and green condition in the nation puts various types of positive effects on the natural maintainability process. Be that as it may, to keep a legitimate natural maintainability in the nation, there are specific difficulties looked by the NGOs and government with the end goal of keeping up an appropriate ecological supportability plans and projects (Murphy and King, 2014). I feel that advancement of an eco-accommodating condition will bring about different useful procedures. It is better for the general public. Developing contamination is probably the most concerning issue, which each nation faces whether it is a created nation or a creating nation. Industrialization is the essential factor to assess this specific proclamation in the task. The ascent of industrialization in the time of globalization puts both positive effect just as negative effect towards an expansion in the efficiency of the nation. From my experience, the benefits of indust rialization increment the general buying intensity of the clients. In any case, the significant downsides towards of industrialization are the ascent in the degree of contamination in the nation. There are various types of contamination in the nation. I feel that while arranging this specific examination process, the thought of industrialization has expanded air contamination, water contamination, and land contamination. Creating various types of rules and guidelines by the administration is a definitive arrangement so as to take care of this specific issue. There are different kinds of the exploration procedure, which are attempted with the end goal of finishing up the whole examination process. I feel that receiving an appropriate information examining procedure will get done with the best discoveries to finish the entire examination process. I have for the most part stressed in the use of the auxiliary method of information assortment, which permitted me to close about various types of a subsequent examination paper on ecological manageability the executives followed by different kinds of measurable facts and authority sites of different NGOs. This specific examination procedure will assist the perusers with concluding what are the various types of difficulties and advantages which dominant part of the NGOs faces towards keeping up a continued contamination free condition in the nation. Reference List Boylan, M. (2014).Environmental morals. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc. Menke, W. also, Menke, J. (2012).Environmental information examination with MatLab. Burlington: Elsevier. Montgomery, C. (2014).Environmental topography. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Murphy, E. also, King, E. (2014).Environmental commotion contamination. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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Using Behavioral Objectives in IEP Goals

Utilizing Behavioral Objectives in IEP Goals At the point when an understudy in your group is the subject of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), you will be called upon to join a group that will compose objectives for her. These objectives are significant, as the understudies execution will be estimated against them for the rest of the IEP time frame, and her prosperity can decide the sorts of supports the school will provide.â For instructors, its critical to recall that IEP objectives ought to be SMART. That is, they ought to be Specific, Measurable, use Action words, Realistic, and Time-limited.â Conduct targets, instead of objectives connected to analytic apparatuses, for example, tests, are regularly the most ideal approach to characterize progress for gentle to seriously intellectually impaired kids. Social objectives show plainly if the understudy is profiting by the endeavors of the help group, from instructors to class clinician to advisors. Fruitful objectives will show the understudy summing up the abilities learned in different settings into his every day schedule. Step by step instructions to Write Behavior-Based Goals Conduct objectives are explanations that will depict close to three things about the people behavior.They will state exactly the conduct to be exhibited. Describe how regularly and how much the conduct is to be exhibited.Indicate the particular conditions under which the conduct will happen. While thinking about attractive conduct, consider action words. Models could be: feed self, run, sit, swallow, say, lift, hold, walk, and so forth. These announcements are largely quantifiable and effectively characterized. Lets work on composing a couple of social objectives utilizing a portion of the above models. For takes care of self, for instance, an unmistakable SMART objective may be: Understudy will utilize a spoon without spilling food on five endeavors to take care of. For walk, an objective may be: Understudy will stroll to the coat rack at break time without help. Both of these announcements are unmistakably quantifiable and one can decide whether the goal is being met effectively or not. Time Limits A significant part of the SMART objective for conduct alteration is time. Determine a period limit for the conduct to be accomplished. Give understudies various endeavors to finish another conduct, and take into consideration a few endeavors to not succeed. (This compares to a precision level for the conduct.) Specify the quantity of redundancies that will be required and express the exactness level. You can likewise determine the degree of execution you are searching for. For instance: understudy will utilize a spoon without spilling food. Set the conditions for the pinpointed practices. For instance: Understudy will eat dinners, utilizing a spoon without spilling food on in any event five endeavors at noon. Understudy willâ motion for the educators consideration after an undertaking has been finished when the instructor isn't occupied with another understudy. In outline, the best procedures for instructing understudies with mental incapacities or formative defers originate from evolving practices. Practices are handily assessed in understudies for whom analytic tests are not the best alternative. Elegantly composed conduct targets can be one of the most helpful instruments for arranging and assessing the remarkable understudies instructive objectives. Make them a piece of the effective Individualized Education Plan.

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5 places to grab a healthy bite to eat COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

5 places to grab a healthy bite to eat COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Earlier this week,  our former PA Lauren Podber, MIA 15, shared with you  her  favorite locations to exercise at in the city.  Today, shes sharing a post about five  healthy eating options near campus. An amazing perk of living in New York City is the access to some amazing  restaurants. In fact, SIPA even has its own student group, SIPA Eats, just for eating! With that said, not all restaurants across the city offer the healthiest menus. So continuing from where we left on Wednesday, below youll  five  of my favorite, healthy-eating spots: Juice Generation: This juice bar is always a good bet for a healthy snack. They have  15 locations in New York City, so youre bound to run into one at some point. For a post-workout protein boost, I’m a huge fan of the Joyful Almond Smoothie, with extra  spinach and an extra scoop of whey protein. For detoxing and getting in more vegetables, I recommend the Professional, which is just 97 calories (its collard greens, swiss chard, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger). Dig Inn: Dig Inn has become one of my favorite places for lunch near Columbia University. They offer healthy food at a reasonable price, which can be tough to find in New York. As a vegetarian, I usually opt for the Veggie Market plate with sweet potatoes, spinach and mango, and a (small) side of mac and cheese.   If I’m extra hungry, I’ll add half an  avocado to my order. Non-vegetarians: don’t fret, they’ve got plenty of options for you as well! Community: This restaurant is just across the street from campus. It  offers  delicious menu items, but  it’s a bit on the pricier side, so it’s not an everyday sort of place. I always, always, always get the Farmer’s Chop salad (similar to the Community picture above), which has romaine hearts, green apples, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, sunflower seeds, feta cheese and champagne-cider vinaigrette dressing. (Can you say yum!) Chobani SoHo: In case you’ve hopped on the Greek-yogurt bandwagon (or haven’t but want to!), Chobani (maker of those Greek yogurts that come in every flavor at the grocery store), has a shop in SoHo. They offer many interesting (and healthy!) yogurt concoctions, so its definitely worth checking out. Peace Food Cafe:  This is a vegan café and bakery. The bakery isn’t exactly healthy, but the ingredients are organic, all natural and vegan.   For lunch or dinner, there are a plethora of healthy options. Im sure youre getting hungry by now! So if youre in town, I highly recommend you  dine at one of these locations. For more options, review our recent posts on the Admission Offices favorite restaurants. Lauren Podber, MIA 15

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Nu-545 Unit 1 Essay - 5474 Words

1. What is metabolic absorption? â€Å"All the cells take in and use nutrients and other substances from their surroundings. Cells of the intestine and the kidney are specialized to carry out absorption. Cells of the kidney tubules reabsorb fluids and synthesize proteins. Intestinal epithelial cells reabsorb fluids and synthesize protein enzymes† (McCance Huether, pg. 2). 2. What uses oxygen to remove hydrogen atoms in an oxidative reaction? â€Å"Peroxisomes are so named because they usually contain enzymes that use oxygen to remove hydrogen atoms from specific substrates in an oxidative reaction that produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (McCance Huether, pg. 7). 3. During cell injury what is released that is capable of cellular auto†¦show more content†¦The carrier then returns to its original shape, releasing the two K+ions and the remnant of the ATP molecule to the inside of the cell. The carrier is now ready for another pumping cycle† (McCance Huether pg. 29) I found this video helpful as well in understanding the concept. 14. What is active transport? â€Å"Active transport, the protein transporter moves molecules against, or up, the concentration gradient† (McCance Huether, pg. 29). 15. What are cytokins? â€Å"Growth factors, also called cytokins, are peptides that transmit within and between cells. They have a major role in the regulation of tissue growth and development† (McCance Huether, pg. 35). 16. Do all cells continue to replicate and divide? â€Å"All types of cells undergo mitosis during formation of the embryo, but many adult cells, such as nerve cells, lens cells of the eye, and muscle cells, lost their ability to replicate and divide. The cells of other tissues, particularly epithelial cells [e.g., of the intestine, lung, skin), divide continuously and rapidly, competing the entire cell cycle in less than 10 hours† (McChance Huether, pg. 35). 17. When normal columnar ciliated epithelial cells of the bronchial lining are †¨replaced by stratified squamousShow MoreRelatedNu 545 Exam 1 Study Guids Essay3863 Words   |  16 Pages|Unit 1:The Cell/Genes Gene-Environmental Interaction/Mechanisms of |This unit will cover Chapters 1-3 Chapters 6-10 in your McCance Huether | |Self-Defense |text. | |Study Guide Unit 1 | NU 545 | Read MorePatho-Phys Unit 2 Study Guide Usa Essay4997 Words   |  20 PagesNU 545 Unit 2 Study Guide Review the anatomy of the brain. (pg. 451) Which portion is responsible for keeping you awake? (pg. 453) The epithalamus, pineal gland, functions much like the limbic system by influencing the secretion of melatonin associated with circadian rhythms. Controlling thought? (pg. 452) They parietal lobe is involved in sensory association (storage, analysis, and interpretation of stimuli). Emotions and behavior? (pg. 453) The hypothalamus is responsibleRead MoreMasculinity in the Philippines12625 Words   |  51 Pagesof this global process. Within twenty years, the span of a single generation, mobilization and its propaganda, convinced a people without a tradition of military service to accept conscription and internalize a new standard 1 of manhood. When tested in battle during World War 1, the generation of Filipino officers formed in this mobilization proved willing to fight and die with exceptional courage. Models of Masculinity During the two decades of this extraordinary social experiment, prewar PhilippineRead MoreNU 545 Unit 2 Essay10921 Words   |  44 PagesNU 545 Unit 2 Study Guide ! 1. Review the anatomy of the brain. Which portion is responsible for keeping you awake, controlling thought, speech, emotions and behavior, maintaining balance and posture? - Ch. 15 p. 454 Box 15-3 - Brainstem- midbrain, medulla oblongata, and pons Reticular Formation-Collection of nuclei within brainstem that maintains wakefulness and works in conjunction with the cerebral cortex and together they are known as the reticular activating system. P. 454 -Read MoreQuality Improvement328284 Words   |  1314 PagesSons, Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030, (201)748-6011, fax (201)748-6008, E-mail: PERMREQ@WILEY.COM. To order books or for customer service, call 1-800-CALL-WILEY(225-5945). Montgomery, Douglas, C. Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, Sixth Edition 978-0-470-16992-6 Printed in the United States of America. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 About the Author Douglas C. Montgomery is Regents’ Professor of Industrial Engineering and Statistics and the Arizona State University Foundation ProfessorRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pagesgrow libraries in developing countries | | Contents Preface Overview of the book’s structure 1 Introduction 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Learning objectives The nature of marketing The management process Strategic decisions and the nature of strategy The marketing/strategy interface Summary xi xiii 1 3 3 7 11 19 37 41 43 45 45 50 53 70 71 75 77 79 79 80 81 86 88 89 101 102 104 107 109 Stage One: Where are we now? Strategic and marketing analysisRead MoreMedicare Policy Analysis447966 Words   |  1792 Pagespurposes. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE; TABLE OF DIVISIONS, TITLES, rmajette on DSK29S0YB1PROD with BILLS 4 5 AND SUBTITLES. (a) SHORT TITLE.—This Act may be cited as the 6 ‘‘Affordable Health Care for America Act’’. VerDate Nov 24 2008 12:56 Oct 30, 2009 Jkt 089200 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H3962.IH H3962 2 1 2 Read MoreDamodaran Book on Investment Valuation, 2nd Edition398423 Words   |  1594 Pagesthough, that you can do me a favor as you go through the manuscript. If you find any mistakes - mathematical or grammatical - could you please let me know? It would help me ensure that the typos do not find their way into the final version. Chapter 1: Introduction to Valuation Chapter 2: Approaches to Valuation Chapter 3: Understanding Financial Statements Chapter 4: The Basics of Risk Chapter 5: Option Pricing Theory and Models Chapter 6: Market Efficiency: Theory and Models Chapter 7: Riskless

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Essay about Mans Quest for Utopia - 861 Words

Mans Quest for Utopia In 1516, Sir Thomas Moore published his Utopia. He wrote of a perfect world, one where optimal common wealth was acheived, and there was a common satisfaction with the system. Though Moore may have coined the owrd utopia, this was by no means a new concept. Ever since the dawn of time, man has dreamed of a better world.There has always been a desire to make things better, to create a happier and more peaceful existence. Throughout history, various leaders, terrorists, and commoners have strived to create their own perfect world. However, one conflict has always arisen: everyone holds their own image of utopia. And when these images clash, problems arise that make utopia harder to grasp. By examining history as†¦show more content†¦If one does not, however, wish to expand ones surroundings, but merely improve the existing ones, one turns to reform to seek their utopia. Mao Zedong, Peter the Great, Thomas Jefferson, and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr all used reform to try and at tain their utopia.While Mao tried to do away with the four olds of ancient China and turn toward a Communist society, Peter the Great was more interested in gaining ideas from the west and modernizing to their standards. Both Jefferson and King had ideas of freedom and equality in mind when they presented their reforms. (However Jefferson and King probably had different ideas on equality.) Reform is a more modern tool than conquest. Reform is often geared towards a group utopia as opposed to a personal utopia. Conquest normally satisfys no one but the conqueror, whereas reform is ordinarily beneficial to the general public. Reform can happen on a small scale or a large scale. Mao certainly acheived reform on a large scale by reforming an entire countrys governmental system. The theatre department at Newton North High School, however, acheived reform on a large scale when they made the Senior Cup award available to any student, not just athletes. Isolation is another technique that i s rarely used, but used nonetheless to acheive utopia. The Native Americans, and Japanese emperor Tokugawa achieved isolation in order to accomplish utopia for their civilization. The Native Americans did not attempt toShow MoreRelatedImagery In Bradburys Works1707 Words   |  7 Pagesin Bradbury’s work show man’s hunger to know who he is and his place in the world. They help to show the struggle within man to find out how to achieve his full potential, fearing growing old and dying, and man’s internal quest for a way to effectively deal with the recurrent problem of evil in his life (â€Å"Understanding Bradbury’s Works†). These themes often create a somewhat evangelical, Christian tone in his work, insisting that the only hope for the world lies within man’s own self (â€Å"UnderstandingRead MoreThe Lord of the Flies by William Golding1306 Words   |  5 PagesIn The Lord of the Flies, William Golding creates a microcosm that appears t o be a utopia after he discharged from the British Royal Navy following World War II. After an emergency landing, Golding places a diverse group of boys on the island that soon turns out to be anything but utopia. The island the boys are on turns out to be an allegorical dystopia with inadequate conditions (Bryfonski 22). The boys reject all lessons they learned from their prior British society, and they turn towards theirRead MoreAyn Rand Anthem1250 Words   |  5 Pagesand coming to the West. She called this philosophy objectivism and it most evidently stays away from focusing on the whole. Objectivism is centered on the individual and reason, â€Å"the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by man’s senses† (Ayn Rand, 112). Throughout the book, Anthem, objectivism is expressed in all aspects and is used to tell what is benevolent and what is bad. One way Ayn expresses her idea of objectivism is by making the antagonist in the book very orientedRead MoreAnalysis Of Kurt Vonnegut s Cat s Cradle 1194 Words   |  5 Pagestells us. He is really telling us, of course, how futile it is to write or read histories. Without accurate records of the past, how can men and women be expected to avoid making serious mistakes in the future?† serves the purpose of saying that in man’s quest for efficiency and self-improvement, nothing is really achieved. No matter how much time and energy humanity wastes trying to document its mistakes, time and time again they are repeated due to flawed human nature that can’t be subverted. AnotherRead More Jack Kerouac’s On The Road - The Spiritual Quest, the Search for Self and Identity1312 Words   |  6 PagesThe Spiritual Quest  in On the Road  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A disillusioned youth roams the country without truly establishing himself in one of the many cities he falls in love with. In doing so, he manages with the thought or presence of his best friend. What is he searching for? While journeying on the road, Sal Paradise is not searching for a home, a job, or a wife. Instead, he longs for a mental utopia offered by Dean Moriarty. This object of his brotherly love grew up in the streets of America. ThroughRead More How Young Goodman Brown Became Old Badman Brown Essay1596 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom his Puritan ancestry; relatives of his were judges in the Salem witchcraft trials. â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† is an allegory whose characters play a major role in conveying the reoccurring theme of sin and retribution. The short story represents one mans journey to leave his faith, home, and security temporarily behind to take a walk with the devil into a dark forest. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The forest is a symbol of the test of strength, courage, and enduranceRead MoreThomas Paine Hai Great Republic Summary1694 Words   |  7 Pagesbreak apart from the British tyranny rule. In this poem, he commends this country as the â€Å"land of love and liberty† and hopes the paradise to â€Å"be [there] forever.† Even after praising all its beautiful natural landscape that gives hope for the perfect utopia, he contradicts the idea of freedom as he reflects some of Europe’s ideas. In the poem, he implies that America is an empire, hinting the idea of imperialism that gained popularity during the time. This is quite opposite of what America intends toRead MoreRhetorical Analysis of The Truman Show1521 Words   |  7 Pages The Truman Show is one man’s life being played out in a closed environment for the entertainment of the outside world. Most important to note, Truman Burbank has no clue that his whole life has been little mor e than just a television program produced on a grand scale to produce the image of reality in a dome. The Truman Show blends ethos, logos, and pathos together in a symphony of self-discovery and power over an adversary, whether physical or spiritual. It is one man’s journey from unknowing andRead MoreHow the Poem Ozymandias Highlights the Fundamental Issue in the Film Watchmen1255 Words   |  6 Pagesrefers to himself as Ozymandias. Adrian Alexander Viedt, the smartest and one of the most powerful individuals on Earth, is a contemporary version of the Egyptian king. Though, Adrian Viedt masterfully averted the looming nuclear war and created his utopia in the movie, his feats are concealed to the public just as Ozymandias’s vast empire has been forgotten in the modern world. An awareness of the poem â€Å"Ozymandias† aids the viewer in analyzing the fundamental issue – the pervasive fallacy of powerRead MoreEssay The Myopia of Dystopia3805 Words   |  16 Pagespolitical messages with common themes such as the fine line that divides a utopia and a dystopia and the sharp contrast in the perception of the characters within the works and the reader. In Aldous Huxleys Brave New World, takes the individuality of the inhibitors of this world and has made happiness and enjoyment of life in to an artificial feeling with the constant presence of soma, a wonder-drug. In hope of achieving utopia, humankind plunges into dystopia though mass cloning which ultimately destroys

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Cognitive Psychology a Meeting of the Mind and Education Free Essays

Cognitive psychology: a meeting of the mind and education To John Bruer, cognitive psychology is the critical bridge between brain science and education. A true understanding of how the brain handles learning tasks will only be reached with the help of cognitive psychologists, says John Bruer, PhD, president of the James S. McDonnell Foundation. We will write a custom essay sample on Cognitive Psychology: a Meeting of the Mind and Education or any similar topic only for you Order Now Over the last decade, Bruer has seen the rise of a â€Å"brain-based† education movement with the media, educational consultants and researchers trying to apply basic brain research to the education of the nation’s children. In a much cited 1997 article, â€Å"Education and the brain: a bridge too far,† published in the Educational Researcher (Vol. 26, No. 8, p. 416), he criticized a trend to overinterpret the findings of this kind of research and apply it in schools. Holding more immediate promise for application in schools, he believes, are imaging technologies that examine the human brain’s processing of math, reading and other specific learning tasks. But even imaging research, he says, must stem from quality cognitive science. Cognitive psychology, says Bruer, can serve as the â€Å"bridge† between this type of hard neuroscience and the schools. In a conversation with the Monitor, Bruer, whose background is in philosophy and physics and whose foundation funds mainly biomedical and behavioral sc iences research, called on psychologists to collaborate more closely with educators as they structure studies of the brain and attempt to apply their findings to education. Q. What have been some of the most dangerous myths that have been spread through brain-based education? A. One is the idea that there’s a critical period for school-type learning, an optimal period during brain development that ends at around 11 or 12 years and after which learning becomes much more difficult. There’s absolutely no basis in neuroscience for that claim. What a lot of brain-based consultants don’t appreciate is that to turn basic psychological research into effective learning practices you have to develop interventions based on cognitive science in math, reading and other subject areas and test them in classrooms. Q. Who do you think is in a position to do that kind of work? A. Cognitive psychologists. What a lot of people do not realize is that better understanding of brain function relies on improved understanding of learning and behavior. Our understanding of how mental tasks are executed by neural structures in the brain is crucially dependent on cognitive and behavioral research by psychologists. Q. Are imaging studies relying on this kind of behavioral research? A. Totally. To have an interpretable imaging study depends on very careful behavioral study of the experimental task. Our imaging technologies have limited temporal and spatial resolution, so we want to design studies that optimize our ability to look at the smallest parts of the brain that we possibly can. The way to do that is to analyze mental arithmetic, for example, down to its subcomponents–retrieving a number fact, trying to decide which of two numbers is larger. You can begin to see where those subcomponents might be located in the brain, and from there you can begin to see the circuitry involved in doing these tasks. Q. Do you think that findings from brain research on learning disability–in math and reading, for example–might apply more generally to educating children? A. The attempt to understand learning and our mental capacities in terms of brain structures is such a new discipline that if they make advances over the next 50 years as they have over the last 15, who knows? It could be very exciting. But until 10 years ago, most cognitive psychologists did not take any interest in the brain. Brain imaging helped change that. But still, this hybrid discipline, cognitive neuroscience, that attempts to map cognitive mental functions onto brain areas and circuits, is in its infancy. We all have great expectations, but it’s hard to make specific predictions about what the ultimate applications might be. Q. Do you think that, at this point, enough cognitive psychologists are involved in bridging brain research with education? A. Because of the interest in brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience, there are people doing it. But one of the problems is that there aren’t enough experimental psychologists thinking about applications of psychology to education. Part of that is a funding problem. But it’s been our experience at the foundation that if you make resources available for psychologists to work with educators to do that kind of work, you can elicit some very good proposals. Q. Are you looking more at funding that kind of work? A. Yes. I see an opportunity to work with some cognitive neuroscientists to ask, â€Å"What educational problems do you think you might be able to solve because of what you know? † I would like to see the foundation’s interest moving more in that direction over the next five to 10 years. Q. Is t a problem that most cognitive psychologists don’t have as much experience with education as with science? A. Yes. In most areas there’s some friction between researchers and practitioners. It happens to be pretty evident in education. One way to address that is to encourage long-term collaborations between researchers and practitioners, where they’re working together as peers rather than with the scientists going into schools and acting as master and educators as their servants. Two things have to happen. The researchers have to become a bit more aware of and sensitive to the problems teachers confront in the classroom. And teachers need to begin to think like researchers–to at least understand the importance of experimental controls, evidence, this kind of thing. Q. And how do you get that collaboration going? A. One thing we have found is if you send out a request for proposals that requires the teachers, the practitioners and the researchers to come in together on a project, they do it. You want to structure funding programs for research and for improving instruction that incorporate the best research thinking and the best practical classroom knowledge. How to cite Cognitive Psychology: a Meeting of the Mind and Education, Essay examples

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Do You Speak American free essay sample

Absolutely, the answer was no. In the past, I thought American English was only a language which pronounced â€Å"r† heavily. Surprisingly, according to the map of dialect, America can be divided by seven parts. They are Eastern New English, NYC,Philadelphia, The North, The Midland, The South and The West. And different regions of America have different dialects. In terms of the dialect of American English, I have a re-understanding of this language. I find it is interesting, even surprising, and I am more curious about that. The dialects of American English is really interesting. Honestly, when I hear a conversation or a speech, I can hardly recognize the accents without special note, although sometimes I can recognize the obvious accents according to the meaning of the sentence. For example, most young California say [? ] to replace [? ], say â€Å"like† as â€Å"lake†. According to my personal experience, when I traveled to Miami, Florida, I heard that most people in there said â€Å"lift† as â€Å"left†. We will write a custom essay sample on Do You Speak American? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Moreover, Net English used among young people is another part of interest. For example, â€Å"das kool† equals â€Å"that is cool†, â€Å"lol† means â€Å"laugh out loud†, â€Å"How ya doin hun† is â€Å"how are you doing honey? †, â€Å"g2g† means â€Å"got to go†, etc. Maybe they think typing English in this way is more convenient and fashionable, however, I do not think so. Furthermore, experts recommend that TV series is a good way to recognize and learn dialects since the actors of a program are come from different regions. At last, teenagers prefer to use some new words of phrases to express an common meaning, such as â€Å"bling bling† refers to expensive jewelry. This is popular and sometimes I also use that to express myself. Actually, I am surprised about the dialects of American English in the following aspects. Firstly, in North America, people will laugh at lobsterman’s dialect and make fun with the way they speak. As far as I am concerned, we should respect different languages and cultures. Even though we cannot understand the way of communication, every dialect must has its own value to exist. Moreover, although people dislike some dialects, they can always imitate those dialects they hate. It is unbelievable. In addition, I watched these three DVDs without subtitle. So when I watched the CD2 which introduced the dialects in the mid-land, I found it was difficult for me to understand what people said. However, it is easier to understand what the north and west people said. I think it means that the people of mid-land and south have strong accents. Frankly, there are some points that I do not know before I watching this video. First of all, Philadelphia shakes the American speech more than any other city. Secondly, the Black and the White cannot communicate with each other by using English at the beginning. Thirdly, some people who come from the mid-land consider New Yorker speak bad English, since New Yorker say â€Å"water† as â€Å"[w? :d? ]†. To be honest, as for me, I like the dialect of New York. Fourthly, some pronounciation of dialect are totally different from the original pronounciation. For example, in Ohio and Michigan, â€Å"yins† means â€Å"you†, and in north, â€Å"ayuh† is equal to â€Å"yes†, etc. Finally, looking at magazines to find new words is a job, its purpose is to update the dictionary. To sum up, I don’t think I am speaking American even though I am in New York now. The dialects in United States are diverse. In my opinion, dialect is a component of cultural activities. And some dialects are related to history, some are related to the life style of different region. There are a variety of expressions for dialects. Those include the differences of pronounciation, the new words for common meaning, net English, etc. Most important, no matter what kind of language we say, we should respect all of them and admit the existence value of them. At last, I think watching different American TV series is a good way for me to improve my American English.